Games Group--the group that just has FUN!

Carol Strauss, Valerie Church, Charlotte Adler, Marie Schilling, Marianne Smigelskis and Clairan Ferrono, and Chair Myllicent Buchanan host the April, 2007 Members meeting with a table of games and goodies at Ida Noyes.

Games meets the fourth Wednesday morning at 10 a.m.
Games to be played are chosen by each month's hostess, either before or at the meeting. Watch the calendar for specific hostesses. A light lunch is served afterward.

Chair: Charlotte Adler








The GAMES section of the Service League provides a relaxing morning once a month to meet congenial friends to share different games, many of which we played in our youth.  We use the more complicated rules which are now available on the internet, and brush up on vocabulary, spelling, and basic arithmetic. Come join us the fourth Wednesday morning, 10 to 12, in our announced meeting place in a member's home.


2004 was the first year for the Games group. At each meeting a member introduces and teaches the group a new game. The purpose is to make new friends, have fun, and build fellowship.