The Book Discussion Group
We meet once a month (except August), usually on the first Tuesday of the month,
at 7:30 p.m. at the home of members.
All Service League members are welcome. The annual fee is $5

Contact: Laura Kracke

2017-2018 --Book (Author)-----Leader/Host

September 12----- Alexander Hamilton (Ron Chernow)--Jamie Reft/ Diane Luhmann

October 3 ---------The Pearl That Broke Its Shell (Nadia Hashimi)--Kris Nelson/ Dorothy Patton

November 7--------A Gentleman in Moscow (Amor Towles)--- Marion Krentz/Jamie Reft

December 5--------Hidden Figures (Margot Lee Shetterly)--Miriam Rietz/ MRS

January 9----------Lisette's List (Susan Vreeland)--Laura Kracke/Kristen Woods

February 5---------The Road to Character (David Brooks)--Sarah Wright/Corinne Lyon

March 6-------------The Underground Railroad (Colson Whitehead)--K Woods/C. Johnston

April 3---------------A Piece of the World (Christina Baker Kline) Marie Schilling/Sarah Wright

May 1---------------Book List Chair/Diana Stokes and Marie Schilling

June 5--------------It Can't Happen Here (Sinclair Lewis)--Dianne Luhmann/Kris Nelson

July 10------------- Lilac Girls (Martha Hall Kelly)-- Barbara Wagner/




Sept. 13

October 4

November 1

December 6

January 10

February 7

March 7

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May 2

June 6

July 11

Book (Author) -- Hostess

Capital Dames (Cokie Roberts)--Jamie Reft

An Officer and a Spy (Robert Harris) --C. Adler

Believer (David Axelrod)--

The Wright Brothers ( David McCullough)--K. Woods

The May Bride (Suzanne Dunn)--M.R. Shaughnessy

Just Mercy (Bryan Stevenson) --Dorothy Patton

The Summer Before the War (H. Simonson)--C. Johnston + L. Kracke

My Grandmother Asked Me to Tell You She's Sorry (F. Backman) --Charlotte Adler

Book List -- Diana Stokes Corinne Lyon

The Secret Chord (G. Brooks)--Sarah Wright

The Nightengale (Kristin Hannah) --


Date--- Book (Author)---Leader/Hostess

Sept. 1--The Invention of Wings (Kidd) --Nancy Baum/Jamie Reft
Oct. 6 -- The Desert Queen (Wallach) --D. Stokes/N. Baum
Nov. 3-- The Destiny of the Republic (Millard) --B. Wagner/Diana Stokes
Dec. 2 --The Art Forger (Shapiro)--M.
Reitz /Shaughnessy
Jan 12-- The Storied Life of A. J. Firky (Zevin)--Charlotte Adler/K. Woods
Feb. 2--The Boys in the Boat (Brown)--Marion Krentz/Patton
Mar. 1--The Bastard of Istanbul (Shafak)--Dianne Luhmann/Sarah Wright
Apr. 5--The Paris Architect (Belfoure)-- M. Schilling/Charlotte Johnston
May 5--Book List -- /M. Schilling
June 7--The Forest Lover (Vreeland)--L. Kracke/Corinne Lyon
July 12--All the Light We Cannot See (Doerr)--K. Nelson/Diana Stokes



Date Book (Author)-- Leader / Hostess

Sept. 9 Call the Midwife trilogy (Jennifer Worth)--Jamie Reft/Nancy Baum
Oct. 7 Dear Life (Alice Monroe)--Barbara Wagner/Jamie Reft
Nov 4 Ladies' Paradise (Emile Zola)--Diane Luhmann/Corinne Lyon
Dec 2 The Light Between Oceans (M. L. Stedman)-- Charlotte Adler/Mary Rose Shaughnessy
Jan 6 Dressmaker of Khair Khana (Gayle Tzemach Lemmon)--Diana Stokes/Kristin Woods
Feb 3 Life Studies (Susan Vreeland)--Laura Kracke/Diana Stokes
March 3 Heretics Daugthter (Kathleen Kent)-- Dorothy Patton/Barbara Wagner,
April 7 The All-Girl Filling Station (Fannie Flagg) --Marie Schilling/ Charlotte Johnston, co-hostess Laura Kracke
May 5 Book list at Marie Schilling's
June 2 Bully Pulpit (Doris Kearns Goodwin) Kris Nelson
July 7 The Good Lord Bird (James McBride) Barbara Wagner/Dorothy Patton


Date Book (Author)-- Leader / Hostess

Sept. 10 Moloka'i (A. Brennert) -- Jamie Reft/ N. Baum, K. Nelson
Oct. 1 Bonhoeffer (E. Metaxas)-- Miriam R./ M. Harter
Nov. 5 Orphan Train (C. Kline)-- M. Krentz/ J. Reft
Dec. 3 The Weird Sisters (E. Brown)-- D. Stokes/ M. R. Shaughnessy
Jan. 7 Quite a Year for Plums (B. White)-- L. Kracke/ K. Woods
Feb. 4 The Lemon Tree (S. Tolan)-- B. Wagner/ D. Stokes
March 4 The Map That Changed the World (S. Winchester) --D. Luhmann/ Charlotte Adler
April 1 The Favored Daughter (K. Koofi)--M. Schilling/Dorothy P.

May 6 BOOKLIST 2014-2015 Diana Stokes

June 3 Prague Winter (M. Albright)--J. Mazenko/ C. Lyon
July 8 The Girls of Atomic City Who Helped Win WWII (D. Kiernan)--C./ Strauss/



A Look Back at Past Books Discussed


Date Book (Author) Leader/Hostess

Sept. 11 Game Change (J. Heilemann & M. Halperin) N. Baum/ K. Nelson
Oct. 2 Caleb's Crossing (G. Brooks) V. Abernathy/ Mary Harter
Nov. 6 The Tiger's Wife (T. Obrecht) M. Krentz/ J. Reft
Dec. 4 In the Garden of Beasts (E. Larson) M. Reitz/ M. Shaughnessy
Jan 8 When the Emperor Was Divine and The Buddha in the Attic (J. Otsuka) B. Wagner/ K. Wood
Feb. 5 Remarkable Creatures (T. Chevalier) J. Mazenko/ C. Lyon
March 5 The Greater Journey (D. McCullough) M. Shaughnessy/ N. Baum
April 2 Elizabeth and Hazel (D. Margolick) M. Schilling/ C. Johnston
May 7 BOOKLIST (2013-2014) D. Stokes
June 4 Clara and Mr. Tiffany (S. Velland) L. Kracke/ M. Schilling
July 2 The Madonnas of Leningrad (D. Dean) D. Stokes/ D. Patton


Sept. 13 The Female Brain and The Male Brain (L. Brizendine) M. Krentz/ J. Reft
Oct. 4 Ethan Frome (E. Wharton) C. Adler/K. Nelson
Nov. 1 Cutting for Stone (A. Verghese) L. Kracke/M. Harter
Dec. 6 Brooklyn (C. Toibin) J. Mazenko/M.R. Shaughnessy
Jan. 3 Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand (H. Simonson) B. Wagner/K. Woods
Feb. 7 Sarah’s Key (T. de Rosnay) N. Baum/ C. Strauss
March 6 Little Bee (C. Cleave) M. Reitz/ C. Johnston
April 3 The Warmth of Other Suns (I.Wilkerson) M. Schilling/ D. Patton
May 1 BOOKLIST (2012-2013) D. Stokes
June 5 Pearl of China (A. Min) M. R. Shaughnessy/ M. Schilling
July 10 Room (E. Donoghue) D. Stokes/




Sept. 14 The Help (K. Stockett)
Oct. 5 The Big Short (M. Lewis) Luhmann+H. Stokes/ Luhmann
Nov. 2 The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (S. Larsson) Shaughnessy/Stokes
Dec. 7 Pictures at an Exhibition (S. Houghteling) Baum/Shaughnessy
Jan 4 The Uncommon Reader (A. Bennett) plus
Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress (D. Sijie)
Feb. 1 Miracle at Philadelphia: The Story of the Constituional Convention May-Sept. 1787 (C. D. Bowen) Wallace/Stokes+Mazenko
March 1 Stones into Schools (G. Mortenson) Wagner/__
April 5 Half the Sky (N. Kristof and S. WuDunn) Schilling/Patton
May 3 Booklist for 2011-2012 Adler
June 7 The Swan Thieves (E. Kostova) Patton/Schilling
July 12 The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks (R. Skloot) Adler/Stokes










Sept. 1 Team of Rivals (D. Goodwin), Kris Nelson/Marie Schilling
Oct. 6 People of the Book (G. Brooks), Leah Kadden/Diana Stokes
Nov. 3 Windy City (S. Simon), Jamie Reft/Mary Harter
Dec. 1 Portrait of an Unknown Woman (V.Bennett), Kristen Woods/M R Shaughnessy
Jan. 5 The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society (Shaffer & Barrows), Barbara Wagner/K. Wood
Feb. 2 The Book Thief (Zusak), Miriam Reitz/D. Patton
March 2 The World's Wife (C. Duffy), D. Patton/
Mothers and Sons (C. Toibin), C. Adler/
April 6 The Elegance of the Hedgehog (M. Barbery), Marie Schilling/J. Reft
May 4 BOOKLIST 2010-2011 D. Stokes
June 1 The Nine (J. Toobin), D. Luhmann/ Nancy Baum
July 6 A Thousand Splendid Suns (K. Hosseini), M R Shaughnessy/Connie White

Each February the Book group hostesses the program meeting





Sept. 9 Family Tree (B. Delinsky), Another Way Home (R. Hartfield); J. Reft/N. Baum
Oct. 7 Little Heathens (M. Kalish); M. Reitz/D. Luhmann
Nov. 4, Zoo-Keeper's Wife: A War Story; (D. Ackerman) M. Krentz /D. Stokes
Dec. 2 Well-Behaved Women Seldom Make History (L. Ulrich) C. Johnston/M. Shaughnessy
Jan. 6 Year of Wonders (G. Brooks) B. Wagner/K. Woods
Feb. 3 A Long Way Gone ( I. Beah) D. Stokes /M. Buchanan at the Neighborhood Club
March 3 The Tenderness of Wolves (S. Penney) J. Mazenko/J. Reft
April 7 Infidel ( A . Ali) M. Schilling/M. Harter
May 5 BOOKLIST 2009-10 D. Stokes
June 2 The Yiddish Policeman's Union (M. Chabon) Laura Fenster/K. Nelson
July 7 Iceland 's Bell (Laxness) Barbara Wagner/J. Reft& L. Fenster




The Moor's Last Sigh (Rushdie)
Suite Francaise (Nemirovsky)
Three Cups of Tea (Mortenson)
The Secret Life of Bees (Kidd)
Inheritance of Loss (Desai)
March (Brooks)
The Namesake ( Lahiri)
The Known World (Jones)  
After This (McDermott)
On Hitler's Mountain (Hunt) K. Woods/J. Reft




Withey, Dearest Friend
Isiguro, Never Let Me Go
Glass, Three Junes
Robinson, Gilead
McCall Smith, In the Company of Cheerful Ladies; Sunday Afternoon Philosophy Club
Toibin, The Master
Manji, The Trouble with Islam Today
de Bernieres, Birds Without Wings
See, Snow Flower and the Secret Fan
Zafon, In the Shadow of the Wind




Dickens Old Curiosity Shop;
The Kite Runner, Husseini ;
Thunder at Twilight, Morton;
The Good Doctor, Galgut;
The Pied Piper of South Shore, Amster; Snow, Orhan Pamuk;
The Way to Paradise, Vargas Llosa;
, McEwan;
The Red Queen
, Drabble;
The Orientalist
, Reiss.





Empress Orchid (Min), Empire Falls (Russo), Galileo's Daughter (Sobel), Bel Canto (Patchett), Pieces from Berlin (Pye), The Devil and the White City (Larson), King Leopold's Ghost (Hochschild), Unless (Shields), The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time (Haddan), Reading Lolita in Tehran (Nafisi), and Property (Martin).




Morality Play (Unsworth), My Name Is Red (Pamuk), The Life of Pi (Martel), Dream of Scipio (Pears), Wild Decembers (O'Brien), The Heat of the Day (Bowen), No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency (Smith), The Metaphysical Club (Menand), Half a Life (Naipaul), and The Lovely Bones (Sebold).