Service League History

Founded in 1895 by University of Chicago faculty wives as "the University of Chicago Settlement League, vg to the needs of the Mary McDowell settlement house, The University of Chicago Service League announced its intention "to arouse interest in and to give financial support to the University Settlement House, to study sociological questions and to promote social intercourse."

Early membes lobbied for education and sanitation reform and in the 1920s purchased land and buit a summer camp for innercity children and their families. Over the years, the Service League has supported various philanthropies throutgh fund-raising activities.

Left: Mary McDowell with Jane Addams

Mary McDowell's hat whimsically adorns the University of Chicago logo.
Over the years, Service League members have supported the programs of Settlement House founder Mary McDowell and her successors in myriad ways. They volunteered in Settlement House programs in the Packingtown neighborhood, lobbied for education and sanitation reform, and in the twenties, purchased land and built a summer camp for inner-city children and their families. League members have continuously supported League philanthropies by staging imaginative benefits and fund-raising endeavors.

Today the Service League is a group of community-minded women who continue to "study sociological questions and promote social intercourse" at monthly meetings in Augustana Lutheran Church and other large venues, as well as various interest groups or Sections. We also continue our financial support of and individual service to League Philanthropies. We all contribute to a gala annual fall homecoming benefit.


Past Presidents

Mrs. Harry Pratt Judson 1895-96
Mrs. George Edgar Vincent 1896-97
Mrs. Charles Zueblin 1897-99
Mrs. Edwin Oakes Jordan 1899-00
Mrs. Horace Spencer Fiske 1900-02
Mrs. Charles R. Henderson 1902-05
Mrs. Frank Justus Miller 1905-07
Mrs. Franklin Johnson 1907-08
Mrs. William D. MacClintock 1908-10
Mrs. John Paul Goode 1910-11
Mrs. Andrew C. McLaughlin 1911-12
Mrs. Benjamin S. Terry 1912-14
Miss Elizabeth Wallace 1914-16
Mrs. Edwin Oakes Jordan 1916-17
Mrs. George C. Howland 1917-19
Mrs. Austin Bryant Reeve 1919-22
Mrs. J. Gordon Wilson 1922-24
Mrs. Edgar J. Goodspeed 1924-27
Mrs. J. Westfall Thompson 1927-29
Mrs. Rollo L. Lyman 1929-31
Mrs. George O. Fairweather 1931-33
Mrs. Rollin T. Chamberlin 1933-35
Mrs. Harvey B. Lemon 1935-37
Mrs. Frederick S. Breed 1937-39
Mrs. Charles C. Colby 1939-41
Mrs. Thorfin R. Hogness 1941-43
Mrs. Richard Watkins 1943-45
Mrs. Fred C. Koch 1945-47
Mrs. Scott Goldthwaite 1947-49
Mrs. Carl R. Moore 1949-51
Mrs. Marcus A. Hirschl 1951-53
Mrs. Frederick S. Breed 1953-54
Mrs. Howard Goodman 1954-55
Mrs. Henry T. Ricketts 1955-56
Mrs. Harolld E. Gates 1956-57
Mrs. Barnett Blakemore 1957-58
Mrs. Jack G. Lawson 1958-59
Mrs. Devereux L. Bowly 1959-60
Mrs. Edmond Jacobson 1960-61
Mrs. John P. Netherton 1961-62
Mrs. Robert E. Tinker 1962-63
Mrs. Albert A. Dahlberg 1963-64
Mrs. Edward A. Kracke, Jr. 1964-65
Mrs. Warner A. Wick 1965-66
Mrs. John H. Rust 1966-67
Mrs. J. Bryan Allin 1967-68
Mrs. Ralph Naunton 1968-69
Mrs. Ben S. Meeker 1969-70
Mrs. Bennett I. Berman 1970-71
Mrs. Clyde A. Hutchison, Jr. 1971-72
Mrs. Robert G. Schloerb 1972-73
Mrs. Theodore N. Pullman 1973-74
Mrs. Mark G. Inghram 1974-75
Mrs. Herbert L. Anderson 1975-76
Mrs. Jerald C. Brauer 1976-77
Mrs. John F. Mullan 1977-78
Mrs. Walter D. Fackler 1978-79
Mrs. Richard E. Vikstrom 1979-80
Mrs. King C. Stutzman 1980-81
Mrs. George S. Tolley 1981-82
Mrs. Spencer L. Kimball 1982-83
Mrs. Robert F. Picken 1983-84
Mrs. Nathan Schlessinger 1984-85
Mrs. David B. Skinner 1985-86
Mrs. Leslie J. DeGroot 1986-87
Mrs. Donald W. Benson 1987-88
Mrs. Richard J. Thain 1988-89
Mrs. John A. McDermott 1989-90
Mrs. David L. Crabb 1990-91
Mrs. Lawrence A. Pottenger 1991-92
Mrs. Houston H. Stokes 1992-93
Mrs. Thomas H. Jobe 1993-94
Mrs. Riccardo Levi-Setti 1994-95
Ms. Catherine Duenas 1995-96
Ms. Margaret Matchett 1996-97
Ms. Georgie Maynard 1997-98
Ms. Virginia Lee Stigler 1998-99
Ms. Sara Anastaplo 1999-00
Ms. Mimi Asbury 2000-01
Ms. Colleen O'Leary 2001-02
Ms. Carol Strauss 2002-03
Ms. Marianne Smigelskis 2003-04
Ms. Elizabeth Sklarsky 2004-05
Ms. Bonnie Umeh 2005-2006
Ms. Christiane Ronneberg 2006-2007
Ms. Doris Nitecki 2007-2008
Ms. Clairan Ferrono 2008-2009
Ms. Marie Schilling 2009-2010
Ms. Charlotte Johnston 2010-2011
Ms. Janice Spofford 2011-1012
Ms. Dorothy Patton 2012-2013
Ms. Marilyn Helmholz 2013-2014
Ms. Deborah Franczek 2014-2015