The 2008 annual Homecoming Benefit and Luncheon

A Harvest Festival

University of Chicago Quadrangle Club,
November 22, 2008

Melinda Burger selling candies Home made baked goods and jellies Orchids are centerpieces and big-sellers
Charlotte Johnston acts as a cashier Marianne Smigelskis and Marie Schilling sell raffle tickets Julia Scott, Lesley Bloch, and Jane Kaminski in Handmades
Agnes Zellner offers some good buys Ursula Selby sells Ginny Meeker a pie Catherine Duenas in Treasures
Gwen Ritchie looks for a treasure. Bam Postell gives Gwen her change Mary Duplain and Nadine Foster
Mimi Asbury The Co-chairs table: Ginny Meeker, Marcy Purmal (a guest), Dorothy Patton and Kristin Woods. Alison Hubbard and Margaret Keck
President Clairan Ferrono A number of daughters accompanied their mothers. Marjorie Trosman and Christiane Ronneberg
Beata Boodell and Elizabeth Brackett Dorothy Patton thanks all those who worked on the 2008 Benefit Marianne Smigelskis, Marie Schilling, Mimi Asbury and Debbie Franczek wait to award the raffle prizes.