2007 Homecoming Benefit
Voices Raised in Song

University of Chicago Quadrangle Club
November 17, 2007

The Service League's annual fundraiser raises money for its philanthropies: Chicago Commons
Neighborhood Club
Blue Gargoyle
House of Hope
Open Kitchen
President Doris Nitecki with 50- year-ago president, Josephine Blakemore, and Jane Berlin.   Dorothy Patton co-chaired the event.
Clairan Ferrono and Colleen O'Leary handeled luncheon reservations. Loanna Benjamin and Lesley Bloch chaired the cash bar. Baked goods sold out quickly.
Marianne Smigelskis and Marie Schilling sold raffle tickets. Julia Scott discussed handmades with Leslie Travis Grace Dodier was on baked goods.
Rose Dyrud at the treasures table, aided by Ginny Meeker. Anne van der Meulen sold good jewelry. Nadine Foster and Valerie Church of note cards/paper
Jennifer Robertson, Dianne Luhmann, Julia Scott and Sheila Borgers of handmades. Harmony, Hope and Healing, composed mostly of residents at St. Martin de Porres House of Hope, presented the musical program.
Marge Nykaza directs the choir, which serves six shelters in the Chicago area. President Doris Nitecki introduced honored guest Josephine Blakemore-- She said the Service League hasn't changed in 50 years.
Diners at the luncheon enjoyed the ambience and the menu. Orchids graced every table. Meryl Charleston and friends
Marge Keck, Alison Hubbard-Miller and Elsa Johnson Alderman Toni Preckwinkle attended. Beata Boodell and friend.
Ursula Selby, Melinda Burger and Pam Rotrammel George Rumsey, our computer teacher, with Marianne Smigelskis Mary Allan and Ginny Meeker
Congratulations to all who made our 2007 Benefit a success! Orchids quickly sold out. Carol Strauss brought daughter Leslie Travis.