2005 Benefit

Young at Heart

Saturday, November 19, 2005

9:30 A.M.-2:00 P.M.

The Quadrangle Club

1155 East 57th Street

Featuring: baked goods, CD's and videos, chocolates,
handmade items, note cards, orchids, raffles,
a silent auction and treasures.

The Treasure Tea was held October 25 at the home of Marilyn Fatt Vitale began our annual fundraising. Members contributed treasures to the auction.
President Bonnie Umeh and past pres. Jane Thain.   Who could resist visiting the table again and again?
Not just "Young at Heart," but really young--Hannah Resnick in red. All treasures collected at the Tea are now for sale! President-elect Chris Ronneberg

The 2005 Homecoming Benefit was a special one. The program, Young at Heart, featured the Hyde Park Youth Symphony Orchestra.

The 2005 Benefit Chairs:
Clairan Ferrono, Ronna Newman, Colleen O'Leary, Raiselle Resnick  

At the Treasure table The Benefit is the work ofmany Committees:  

Baked Goods: Grace Dodier, Anna Mary Wallace, Dorothy Freedman
Business Patrons: Elizabeth Sklarsky, Deborah Franczek Centerpieces: Patricia Jobe, Zdzislawa Coleman, Lynne Heckman, Ann Hoffman Chocolates: Mimi Asbury Cocktails: Diana Stokes Greeters: Jane Thain Handmade Items: Stephanie Franklin , Barbara Cramer

Stephanie Franklin and Barbara Cramer worked wonders in Handmades.   One of the many cashiers was Rosa McCullough.

Invitations: Dorothy Crabb, Hazel Fackler
and Program Design: Barbara Fitzpatrick, Pamela Rotramel
Luncheon Reservations: Christiane Ronneberg
Movies and Music: Joy Nieda, Judy Dupont
Note Cards: Melissa Shakman, Nadine Foster


Laura Kracke sells jewelry in the Treasures table.   Note cards are Melissa Shakman's responsibility.

Patronesses: Marianne Smigelskis, Alice Schlessinger, Gwen Ritchie, Doris Nitecki Personnel: Mary Harter Producer: Robin Charleston, Mary Naftzger
Raffle: Melissa Cook
Treasures: Agnes Zellner, Barbara Pottenger, Joan Arnason, Dorothy Crabb, Edel Tave, Norma van der Meulen

Who will win the quilt in the raffle?   Agnes Zellner among the treasures
And to all the others who contributed by donating baked goods, treasures, CD's or videos, etc., and to all those who came, many thanks for making the 2005 Homecoming Benefit and Luncheon a success.
Nadine Foster selling at the notecards table The Luncheon
begins at noon.
What is it Clairan Ferrono wonders?
The Quadrangle Club's solarium And the main auditorium where the luncheon and program are held. President Bonnie Umeh is glad it was a success.